Introduction Post

Applegoo \ 22 \ Montréal
French & English & un poco de

Hi. I live in cozy yet cold basements and I have many fandoms. However, I mostly obsess over Supernatural as my feels spill everywhere because of the Winchesters and people within their vicinity.

I am a DDR aficionado as well as an avid Middle Earth fanatic. I enjoy fashion, interior design, Mandarake stores and making my cats talk. My compulsive fascinations include, but are not limited to: the occult, slash, matcha Häagen-Dazs, typefaces, horror movies, karaoke and high school AUs.

When I stop procrastinating on Tumblr, I can make really neat things with Photoshop and Illustrator. Code sheets scare the hell out of me tho.

Japan was fantastic, thank you.

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